Today was a day for the ages…

4 04 2008

Today’s post is brought to you by the number 3…

Do you remember watching Sesame Street? Even when I was very little I somehow caught on to the way that each show was ‘sponsored’ by a letter or a number. That was very clever right?

Well today’s post is dedicated to the number 3 and if you pull up a seat — Yes, I realize you’re already sitting, lol — I’ll tell you why.

I’ve had an AMAZING day! Today I achieved 3 (THREE!!) of my life-long/career-long goals and watched my wife achieve an important one as well. I wish I could insert a *dramatic pause* for you as you read that last sentence. The days have been few in my life where I could even say that I checked even one goal off the list. But God somehow allowed me to hit for a trifecta today.

If you’re still here and reading I’d like to share them with you below, but if you have to step away I understand… go do what you have to do and then get right back here just as soon as ya can.

1. Today I became a Manager. Wow let me type that again just so that it can truly sink in for ME. Today I became a Manager! It took me 5 years, 7 job changes and plenty of situations where I was pulling Manager-level weight, and making Manager-level decisions (and sacrifices) without Manager-like titles or Manager-like pay.

I was actually told about this promotion last Thursday, but it was officially announced to my company today. During the meeting, my boss told me that with the promotion I would be getting a 8% ‘bump’ in my salary. (which is purely unheard of at our company.)

An 8% ‘bump’… (If they call that a ‘bump’ it makes you wonder what comes next?!) Hmmm did I tell you that this is a blog about Dumping DEBT?!? Do you have any idea what an 8% increase will do to our efforts? Remind me to come back to the 8% later.

2. I started this blog. This is a BIIIGGGG step for me, HUGE. I’ve spent most of my adult years online, but going to other people’s sites and other people’s forums to voice my thoughts and opinions. But this here, this is mine yo. MY brainchild. My rants. My insight. My life. And It’s truly my prayer that what you see here will be of great benefit to you. Not only financially, but most important spiritually.

Since we’re on the subject of my brainchild, and also since this is the inaugural post, let me take this moment to basically tell you what this site is all about. And where the name came from.

This blog is my attempt to somehow document just how hard it is to be true to yourself, how hard it is to be @ RISK all the time. Sometimes my life looks like it’s touched by God’ favor. At other times it’s touched by the mundaneness of this daily grind toward a better life for my family. It’s all the same life though.

See, it’s not so much that I started this blog that I claim as the accomplishment. It’s the fact that I’ve stopped being afraid of how my voice sounds to others. That’s the main victory I’m taking from this. My fear was not that I would say the wrong things, but simply that my voice sounded wrong to the outside world.

3. Today I actually considered the possibility of bringing a child into this world for the very first time. This thought occurred to me not long after being told that my promotion would be made official. I’m deathly afraid of bring a child into this world while we’re in the financial situation we are right now. Today gave me a glimmer of hope that it may actually come faster than I ever thought. And again, the fact that I arrived at this thought all on my own speaks volumes as to how my thinking is changing. Wow!

4. As a bonus to all of that, I watched my wife start her blogging career today as well. Her blog will naturally serve as a sister site (more like wife site) to this one. Please lend your support by checking her out here I love you Mrs. Wright, and I’m so very proud of us today.

Well this was a lengthy introduction, so let me wrap up. In the future, posts won’t nearly be this long… but before I forget, I promised to tell you about that 8% ‘bump’.

Today just before he made the announcement to the company, my boss called me back into his office and told me he was wrong about the raise part… it’s actually going to be 10%. In the seconds after he told me this I learned what comes after a ‘bump’ in pay… speechlessness.

These 3 — actually 4 — things made this a day that will long be remembered in my family. It marks the beginning of the next phase of our journey towards debt freedom and so much more.

Thanks for sharing in this with us!




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