I’m a Numbers Guy…

9 04 2008

Ok, so I hate to admit it but I really dig numbers. I mean in a totally useless and trivial way. A few examples:

1) When my wife and I first met, she told me her favorite number was 3. So I waited until March, Third, Two Thousand Three (03/03/03 for the slow, sorry) at 3:30pm to ask her to be my girlfriend. Now at this point some of you are already asking, “Hey @W, why not 3:33 and 33 seconds?” and to you I say “Overkill is quite memorable, but never romantic, I’m sure she got the point.” lol

2) When my wife and I got engaged, I already knew exactly what date the wedding would fall on. (Though I still had to sell her on it plenty at first) July, Seventh, Two Thousand Seven at 7:00pm. 07/07/07 @7:00pm — actually the 7pm was her idea — heck, it even fell on a Saturday! Everything lined up perfectly and it served as a perfect Freudian nod to the way we began.

So why am I like this, who knows? I’m the classic case of what Dave Ramsey calls a “Nerd”. Those types of things just seem to jump out at me. Like Jan. 23rd, 2004 (01/23/04) @ 5:67am (1234567) I just have an appreciation for those moments in time, because when they come around, it usually indicates that they won’t be witnessed again in our lifetime.

Now, quick question for you. Did you catch it? In the last paragraph there’s an intentional typo. See it yet? Just for kicks it thought I’d throw a “nerd barometer” at you. There’s no such thing as 5:67am you silly-billy-gumdrops! You can see where you rate below:

If you:

A) STILL have not noticed what on earth I’m even talking about, STOP reading and re-enroll at your local elementary school… go now… Grade: F

B) Noticed and thought that 5:67 had something to military time… Grade: D (But that really was a nice try.)

C) Noticed and thought nothing of it, you’re probably normal. You might be the type that would say “Maybe it’s just a typo.” or “Surely he meant 5:57 instead, either way it’s no biggie.” You’d probably fall into what Dave Ramsey calls the “Free Spirit” category. Grade: C

D) Not only noticed but actually yelled at your screen and could not continue reading the rest of post because it frustrated you so much. Sadly you get lumped into the “Nerd” category with me — you’re certainly not a free spirit — even though your nerdiness is a little bit more over the top than mine, which is why in this case I’ve got to diversify the description more. Grade: B+

Which leads us to…

E) Noticed and thought to yourself, “I bet he did that on purpose to make a point later in this post…”, and you’d be correct. We are what I’m going to call the “Observant Nerd” group in this equation: Detail oriented, always alert, and gifted with a higher dose of deductive reasoning than our peers. M’hmm that would be us. *enlightened sigh* Grade: A+

It’s only fitting that the Nerds would get the best grade right? Just like back in school, but hey, such is life.

Be blessed,





One response

12 04 2008

@W I got a C and I just like to say there’s nothing average about me! Plus, I married the Numbers Guy guess I dont’ have to be a Numbers girl anymore. Thanks, honey.

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