Time to get the lead OUT!

25 04 2008

Photo courtesy of rendebbie

Aight, confession time… I’ve been hiding from you guys. I’ve hit a wall. I know it’s temporary but I’ve just kind of found myself in a financial lull this week. I havent even wanted to LOOK at our budget, let alone make descisions on how/what to pay.

It’s natural to feel this way, I know. But it’s still painful. There’s a restlessness that comes with deciding to get out of debt. Once you make that decision, you want it to be OVER with PRONTO! But I’ve heard some people say “Hey, It took me my whole life to get INTO debt, so obviously it’st gonna take some time to get OUT!” Though I know this to be true, it’s just not helpful to pacify myself with that thought at times like this.

Yes, it’s a process getting out. And sometimes you just dont really grasp the toll it takes on you when your income vs. your outgo only ebbs — not really flows — on a bi-weekly basis. The only time the debt moves is virtually once every 14 days, or when you get that paycheck. You make a payment, then wait another 14 days to do it again. It’s a SLOW process at first.

But there is hope! And it’s called the Debt Snowball! It’s truly a work of art once it’s working properly in your financial situation. Right now, my wife and I are about 3-4 months away from the moment this tool will really start to be of benefit to us. We have it all graphed out, diagramed, and circled on our calendar, and we cant WAIT for that baby to start gathering steam.

We have 2 large monthly expenses that are really standing in our way right now. A personal loan with about $700 left to payoff (4 more payments). And another line of credit with about $3000 left to payof (about 7 more payments). Once those 2 monthly payments are gone, it will REALLY allow us to lay into more of this debt!

Wow! Just writing about this has helped improve my mood. I think sometimes we dig around in the details so much that we lose sight of the big picture. Thanks to you all for helping me through this funk!

Anyway that’s my time for now. It’s Friday afternoon and I gotta run some errands so I can start my weekend off WRIGHT!

God bless you all,





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