The $10 Blessing: Integrity Pays in Your Business Dealings

13 06 2008

photo courtesy of snacktime2007

**I bet the title had you thinking I was about to post a chainmail message huh? lol

Ok it’s Friday and I don’t have time for a long post so I’m gonna give you the quick and dirty:

Yesterday I made a large cash withdrawal so that I could envelope our funds for the week. Everything was kosher until I got to the car. While I was allocating the funds into the various envelopes, I kept coming up with an extra $10 bill… so I sat in the car and wondered what to do. Return it? Keep it? Tithe it back to the Lord as thank offering for providing the ‘increase’? It was a simple decision. I walked back in the branch walked up to the teller I banked with and said “I’m not sure… but I think you made a mistake,” producing the $10 spot at the same time. He looked confused, but said “uh, ok…”. I then said, “I’m pretty sure about it, just check your drawer when you close out this evening.”

Fast forward to a few hours later… it’s 8:40pm and I’m RUSHING home to catch the start of game 4 of the Lakers vs. Celtics …. but before I can go home I need to stop and pay one more bill, which is cool cause it’s on the way, not out of the way. Long story short: My wife and I are standing at the window and the teller is counting the money we’d like to have applied toward our bill… BUT HOLD UP SON!! It’s short $10 dollars!!…. @W messed up the count yo!!…. what to do?!? I dunno but it’s now 8:53 and the “Lake Show” comes on in 7 minutes lol!! So I pull out $10 from my personal money, pay the man, and say to my wife “I’ll straighten it out with the bank tomorrow, I know just what happened.”

So today I return to the scene of the crime to get my rightful $10 spot back… I had my “combat face” on and walking into the place like I was about business! I’ve seen this type of situation swing both ways too many times… both for and against the combatant — er customer. And plus — let’s be real here– I’m trying to get money ‘back‘ from the $BANK$. You’ve seen what I’ve had to say about them in other posts… So anyway I walk in, ask for the branch manager, and tell him the situation. We both walk over to my favorite teller, and before I get there he’s like “Mr. Wright, I check my drawer last night at closing time and came up $10 over, so I just deposited the money into your account for you.”

Cool. That was that. Romans 8:28 did it’s thing again. “All things work together for the good…”

I’m thankful for the number of blessings that came out of that simple miscounted $10 bill. 1) I acted with integrity when given an opportunity to ‘get over’. 2) I established trust with my bank teller by acting honestly. 3) They did the same with me in return by depositing the funds into our account. 4) The Envelope System once again proved it’s worth to us. I might not have noticed so easily where the $10 should’ve been if I was just banking online and paying with my debit card.

This experience gives a new meaning to the saying “Count your blessings” right?

Now back to what I was saying about the chainmail… if you forward this to 10 people as fast as you can, you will broaden my readership and I will instantly thank you! “Thank you!” (See how fast that was? I did my part…lol)

God bless,





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