A few improvements to the blog…

23 06 2008

Photo courtesy of nationalmint

“We appreciate the kind that jingles, but we’d rather have the kind that folds.”
Lisa McDowell – Coming to America

If you’ve been tuning in to this blog, over the past weeks hopefully you will have noticed some major changes. First of all I truly want to thank you for even taking the time to scan this blog at all. So many outlets are competing for your time, attention, and loyalty. It’s truly a blessing and an affirmation to have you here as a friend of this site! And so again I say loudly and proudly, THANK YOU for being here!

Here’s a breif rundown of what’s new:

1) I’ve been working hard to make this site easier on the eyes by adding relevant images to each of the existing posts!

2)You’ll notice that I’m diversifying the content to include videos, exclusive interviews, polls, how-to tutorials, and even guest bloggers from time to time!

3) A custom Google search box has been added to help you easily locate other debt-help resources and content.

4) I’ve added 2 new and important ways that you can directly help us dump our debt in the form of A) Ad content provided by Google Adsense. And B) By adding PayPal donation links to the sidebar, and to the bottom of each post.

Now, I want to ensure you that @W has in no way SOLD OUT by choosing to add these sources of revenue. I’m not out to beg for your monetary support, but I am willing to leave that open to you as an option if you feel impressed to do so.

Furthermore, let me add that I will never ask you to pay for the content provided on this site, nor will I ever seek to sell any goods or services through the use of this site. This site is strictly a vehicle for encouragement, education, and edification of fellow Christians FIRST and FOREMOST and also fellow debt-dumpers of any other creed.

Once again (yes AGAIN!) thank you for being a friend of @Risk Living!

Adrian Wright – @W

If you liked this post, please help us decrease our debt by donating.




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