Snowflakes in June!!

26 06 2008

Photo courtesy of redjar

We finally did it, we became a part of the snowflake revolution!

What is “snowflaking”, and what’s so great about it? Snowflaking is a spinoff of the Debt Snowball concept. Jaimie at I’ve Paid for This Twice Already puts it this way:

“What are snowballs made of? Snowflakes!”… “I also try to collect little bits of money wherever I can, and to apply those to my top priority debt (my credit card).”

As of our last check in June we’ve decided to try to snowflake as much as we can to replenish our emergency fund. For me this is great, because I was personally already trying to do this for my food money anyway, now I just have the seal of approval from the wife to do it across all of our finances.

Since I’ve been paying by cash for my food using the envelope system, each day I come home with a pocket full of change. I drop it into my automatic change counter, and at the end of the month take it to a local bank and exchange it for bills. I would then use the cash towards buying a small personal reward like a CD, or I would put it towards a household expense. But now I’ve decided to make sure that all that change, and any other remaining money from the previous paycheck go towards our emergency fund.

I’m becoming what Dave Ramsey calls “Gazelle Intense!” Cheeetahh!!! (If you dont understand, click the link…lol.)

Unfortunately that’s all I have time to post right now.

Thanks for tuning in!


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