Our First "Non-emergency" Emergency

27 06 2008

Photo courtesy of ultramarineblue

*The names, faces, dialogues, and timelines have been changed to protect the author – er I mean the innocent. lol

Tuesday morning 8:57am
My wife and I woke up, got ready for work, left the house, hopped in the car…. and just SAT there. When I tried to start up the car it seemed like all sorts of crazy things happened all at once and there were all kinds of alien error messages on the display that I’d never seen before. I tinker with the lights, door handles, the key, etc trying to mojo my car to life but It’s not happening.

9:20 — (To my wife) “Well I have that plug-in battery charger in the trunk, let me hook it up and we’ll be on our way…”

9:30 — (To the charger) “What do you mean your batteries are dead?!?” Oh the irony…

9:40 — (To my wife) “Well, I guess we better just call AAA…”

9:45 — (To the person on the phone) “What do you mean it’s expired?!?”

10:00 — Thinking…

10:15 — Still thinking…

10:16 — At this point *’Husband Panic’ sets in. That’s what I like to call it when you know your wife is waiting on you to make a decision but you dont know WHAT to do! And to make it worse, every option you’re considering has dollar signs attached to it. * This occurs internally and is completely undetectable by the wife. (Yeah right!)

10:20 — We do what we must, we use our emergency fund to renew the AAA membership, because well this is a full fledged emergency.

Fast forward to 11:30
AAA arrives. The car is completely dead now, no response at all. He gives us a jump and we decide to try to drive the car for a while to see how it’s performing.

12:30pm — Obviously neither my wife or I are going to work today so we focus on the issue at hand: making sure our car is alright, it’s the only one we have… and right now, though it’s running, it’s not letting us get out of first gear which makes me very very affraid. (My ‘Husband Panic’ is saying, “$ Please $ don’t $ let $ it $ be $ the $ transmission $!!”)

12:45 — While eating lunch in the car – which has been running since 11:30 and wasting our precious gas away and is now down to 1/8th of a tank – we decide to pray for guidance on what we should do next, and that this not set us back financially.

12:50 — My wife remembers seeing an auto shop that specializes in servicing our make of car. So we drive over there, talk to the mechanic, and I reluctantly agree to let him run the $90 diagnostic.

1:30 — He comes back and tells us that ALL of the problems are being caused by a bad battery and that he has reset the onboard computer parameters for us free of charge, and that he is also willing to install the new battery at cost! (without any service chages, etc) Praise God!

2:30 — A family member came over to the shop to loan us their 2nd vehicle if we needed it, which at this point we do. The costs have slowly been mounting through the day and they have now exhausted our emergency fund.

The AAA, the diagnostic charge, and the replacement battery did us in, but our emergency fund did it’s job perfectly!On top of this, I have every reason to be thankful that this emergency was able to be contained within our emergency fund at all! I was thinking of electrical damage ($$$), transmission work ($$$) and possibly engine work as well ($$$), but God protected us from those types of financial difficulties!

Equally important through this ordeal was the poise of my wife, and our ability to be of the same mindset in the midst of the storm. We both saw this as a CLEAR opportunity for God to show himself on our behalf, and He did just that. It was beautiful to see our Spiritual Peace working in tandem with our Financial Peace during this situation!

A friend of mine once defined a financial emergency simply as “Anything that happens that you have no financial provision for.” So I guess I can’t truly call this an emergency at all, we had the financial provision, and more importantly the Devine provision to weather this particular storm.

Isaiah 26:3 says:

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.

Thanks again for joining me,


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