The Predator, The Prey, & The Unexpected Protector…

27 06 2008

Photo courtesy of Olivier DELAERE

This is my first attempt to put video up on the site. I hope you enjoy this. During my last post I mentioned how Dave Ramsey advises debt-dumpers to be “Gazelle Intense“. Well I found this video on YouTube that illustrates that saying, but with a twist. In this clip a cheetah (the predatory lenders of the world) is mercilessly toying with a baby gazelle (you and me) … but the most amazing part is WHO steps in to protect the baby gazelle from the clutches of the enemy!

After watching that, I can’t help but think of how Christ steps in to protect us when the enemy comes around to toy with us. My favorite part is that he doesn’t even DO anything, just his mere presence makes the enemy roll out!

Hope this blesses you as much as it did me!


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4 responses

27 06 2008
Basically Wright


~Basically Wright

27 06 2008
Adrian Wright

Yeah it’s totally riveting to me each time I watch it! It’s almost like a good sermon or a passion play LOL.

1 07 2008

Awesome illustration. The King of the jungle just shows up and the cheetah flees! Like you said, the King of this world(Jesus), shows up and the devil(financial debt/worry) has to flee and leave us alone. I can’t wait to hear your testimony when you are debt free.

2 07 2008
Adrian Wright

Thank you Tina, I’m so glad you liked it. I’ll never be able to say with words how much you both have impacted our testimony. It’s because of YOU that we’re even on this journey to financial freedom! I get excited when I imagine how richly God is going to bless your family for what you’ve shared with us.


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