Welcome To The Next Level…

6 07 2008

Photo courtesy of Great Beyond

Many of you have waited weeks (and some of you have even waited months!) to find out what this is all about… and we are glad to say that the wait is finally over!

Today my wife and I unveil the first tangible fruits of the larger vision that has been entrusted to us. Those fruits come in the form of 3 separate blogs.

The one you are reading right now is @Risk Living. It is meant to be my personal blog about our journey to eliminate all of our consumer debt in the next 2 years. It’s our hope that it will 1. Bless and encourage those who are on the debt-dumping path already. 2. Inspire others to join us by proving it can be done. 3. Serve as a voice of reason against the financial myths told by the mass media and greedy corporations. 4. Forever document for our children exactly when, where, and how things changed. And to honor our parents by exemplifying all they hoped we would be. (Pardon me I got a little emotional there lol.)

The 2nd blog is Basically Wright. It was created by my wife to be her personal blog where she could not only document our journey to debt freedom from her vantage point, but also as a platform for her unique insights on wellness, weight management, and work-life balance.

The 3rd blog takes both of our voices and combines them to focus on spiritual issues such as Stewardship, Ministry, Marriage Enrichment and truly living a healthy, Christ-centered lifestyle. Mywrightsolutions is the online media hub for The Wright Solutions or TWS for short, the parent company we have formed to house these outlets and others we will bring to you in the future.

So there you have it, It’s official now, and it’s all for you! We envision these sites as a place for us to connect with you, and for you to connect with each other. We encourage discussion, questions, viewpoints, and the exchange of ideas.

Lastly, we want to dedicate this to all of you who helped position us for this moment with your time, resources, support, and love. It is out of thanks to you that we launch this venture!

Be Blessed,

Adrian Wright (@W)

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