@ Risk Theater: Gazelle Intense Sunday Edition.

13 07 2008

Photo courtesy of Barbara J H

I got an overwhelmingly positive response after putting up the last video so I decided to make it a weekly addition to the site! Thanks for the feedback folks.

Ok so pretty much like last time, this video has another surprise ending. Just when it looks like all is lost… well click the vid and see for yourself!

So how do ya like that? The buck fakes out not only the cheetah but the hyena TOO and skips away singing ~Hi hater, hi hater, hi hater, you see me, hi hater LOL ~ (hit the link for a snipet if you dont already know…)

To me this is a great illustration of the fact that although your finances may seem like they’re being attacked from multiple angles, you can recover if you hang in there! The gazelle could have called it quits when the cheetah had him by the THROAT, but he didnt. Instead he composed himself, waited for the right time, and then got up out of there with the quickness!

I hope you take this to heart and realize it’s never too late to get in the debt elimanation game… especially when you’re “gazelle intense” about it!

Have a great week!


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