More Improvements to the blog: Tweaking Ad Content

30 07 2008

Photo courtesy of hegarty_david

Google Adsense is supposed to allow users to publish ads relevant to the topics of their posts and generate revenue when an ad is clicked … but so far for me it’s been VERY hit or miss. I apologize to anyone who has seen me post on eliminating credit card debt, only to scroll down on the very same page and see an ad claiming “Instant credit approval in 30 seconds, no questions asked!” (Please see the attached photo for an example of the types of ads that were seen in this post:

Rest assured that I’m working to fine tune the ads that appear on the site to make sure they point to other resources aligned with the moral and spiritual beliefs ascribed to by myself and you, my readers. It’s very time consuming to comb thru the various ads placed on each page of the site, but I am doing my best to address this.

Now, with that said, I still want to encourage you to not be affraid of clicking any ad that may interest you because, as I said before, they do provide revenue for the site.

I just wanted to make it known that this is yet another way that you can contribute to the success of this site and it’s message, this is not meant as a ‘Fundraiser’ or ‘Money making scam’ in any way.

In the near future I plan to do a post explaining exactly how the ad revenue is generated, and explain how it factors into our efforts to eliminate our debt. I think it will be helpful to show you how simple and beneficial this type of tool can be for creating passive income.

Thank you for being a part of our experience!





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