A Near-crash Course In STUPID TAX!

17 08 2008

Photo courtesy of rollingtheberries

I messed up royally yesterday…

Stupid Tax can be defined as anything stupid you do that ends up costing you money. Simple as that. It can be that get rich quick scheme that is so “foolproof” that you used your rent money as the down payment. It can be that $700 white Prada bag you accidentally spilled nail polish on (let’s have a moment of silence for the ladies, I know they felt that one. lol)

So yeah, I messed up yesterday. It’s almost a shame because otherwise it was a truly PERFECT day! We got to church early. (A rarity.) We took communion. (MUCH needed.) We spent time with our friends and church family. (Always a pleasure.) And then we decided to drive across the Potomac and check out the newly opened National Harbor.

It was nice over there but we didnt stay because my wife didnt have a change of shoes and I didnt want her feet to hurt. So we were headed back to VA, and while trying to merge onto 95 South, I saw a muffler lying in the middle of the lane. The car in front of me centers their car and rides right over it without incident… I try to do the same… center my car over it and…

The muffler somehow nicks the inside wall of my front driver side tire… instant blowout.

See friends, THAT’S stupid tax lol. Like I alwasy say: If you’re gonna fail, fail epicly! lol

But here is the amazing difference between the stupid tax I used to pay with regularity, and the stupid tax I occasionally have to pay now: There is no pain, and there is no panic. Instead there is peace, Financial Peace, because I’ve already budgeted money for my mistakes. It’s called our emergency fund, and this situation is a prime example of why you need one.

We have money in our emergency fund to cover replacing the blown tire. And that’s all there is to it. We just pay to replace the tire and keep it moving! No wringing our hands. No being caught financially unprepared. No flared tempers with the wife and no arguing.

Financial PEACE.

Once again, my wife was effortlessly calm, and supportive. Her disposition in times of adversity truly humbles and awes me. We were on the side of the road laughing and cracking jokes as I put the spare tire on! Once I finished putting it on, we spent the rest of the afternoon driving the long way home thru DC. We just had a BLOWOUT, this is supposed to be serious emergency stuff and we’re both as carefree as we were at church earlier!

On that note, I’m certain that our taking communion earlier at church played a large part in the peace we felt in this situation as well.

Isaiah 26:3 (KJV) says: Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

The Word aint no joke! That’s exactly where my mind was (On Him), so I know that’s where the real peace came from… peace that not even all this money talk can’t buy.

Thank you Jesus,


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