Beer and Money… A Match Made In…(Nevermind)

9 09 2008

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During this rollercoaster of a year for the economy, Americans have tightened budgets and pinched pennies in various ways. Many have cut back on driving to ease the cost of gas. Many have skipped the box office ($10 per ticket) in exchange for Redbox ($1 per movie rental). (P.S. – I love you redbox, you’ve been a wonderful friend to my wife and I while we get out of debt! lol)

But one staple of American life has strangely resisted the downward pull of our slumping economy. Actually this industry is experiencing a record surge in sales instead of the decline seen elsewhere.

So what is this magical product? I bet you would say Oil, or Gas, but you’d be wrong… well kinda wrong because they’re not the product I’m talking about in this instance.

Homer Simpson would call it DUFF… er – I mean BEER.

For 2008 beer prices are up 7% over the past year as brewers passed on higher manufacturing costs to consumers…. BUT…2008 sales are also up 6.8% as well! It would be one thing if they jacked up the prices and usage remained roughly the same… but you actually mean to tell me that people are paying more for it, and STILL buying more of it at the same time? Is it really that deep America?!

Well in a word… Yes.

See, beer and alcohol are about as close to the perfect ‘product’ as we’ll ever see. When people celebrate, they get drunk. When people wallow in their sorrows, they get drunk. Got that huge promotion? Let’s go get drunk. Just got fired after 20 years with the company? Hmmm… I know, let’s go get drunk! (and now go look at the picture for this post again lol…. deep aint it?)

And as most of you know firsthand, or have *ahem* ‘heard’ from others, drinking aint cheap! lol

Still, you have to tip your hat to anyone who has the moral ambivalence to brew and market beer and alcohol. It fits virtually any occassion. unless you dont drink that is…

Making money off of people’s joy and pain comes off a bit parasitic or opportunistic to me. In a way it reminds me of predatory lenders, which I’ve seen my fair share of in the past year. But hey, what do I know?


*Just to clarify, I do not condone the consumption of alchol, nor do I partake of it myself. I just wanted to share this observation with you while it was fresh in my mind.

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