An Open Letter to my DEBT…

23 09 2008

I need this relationship to be over.

I’ve said it a million times in my head, and I’ve said it to others about you, but never directly to you . Forgive me if I sound rude or ruthless, but I need this to feel as painful for you as having you in my life was for me.

I’m leaving you behind because you bring nothing but pain and remorse. You are what stands between me and my dreams. You’ve been the cause of so much strife and confusion in my life. I’ve thought about YOU more than probabbly anything else in my life, and that’s just not right.
You were always good for showing me a good time… And then leaving me stuck with the bill. I cant count the times you told me to freely use you, to rely on you. Only to find out later YOU were using ME!

And when I had exhausted my resources you never lent a hand. Instead you sent merciless goons after me. But time after time I came back to for more because I thought you were the only way. The way to everything I thought I wanted.

I’ve finally got up the nerve to head out on my own without you. I know you wont miss me cause I never was your ‘only’. I’m finally at a point in my life where I can SEE living life without you!
Oh yeah, I’m so through with you! But I want you to know I’m not angry with you. In fact I’m grateful because of what you’ve allowed me to learn about myself. I’m different from the dude you met in college. Thank you sooo much for putting me up on the game. Now that I know you inside out, you’ll never be able to get me back.

So I urge you to enjoy what time you have left with me. I’ve made a vow to get rid of as much of you as I can each and every day till there’s nothing left of you in my life.

Yes it’s a slow painful process like climbing a mountain using only your fingers… Or scraping peanut butter out of a jar using a toothpick… But once you’re gone I wont ever have to do it again.

I pray my children never meet you. In fact I forbid you from ever coming around them. Going forward you are to keep your hands off of my family… PERIOD!

Again, I’m not mad at you. You were only doing what you were designed to do. Just know that you cant do it to US anymore. I just thought it would only be fair of me to be straight up with you and tell you why I’m leaving you.

I cant wait to be free of you…


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