We’re Getting PUMPED!!

24 10 2008

Our budget is finally about to pack on some serious muscle in this war we’ve waged on our debt!

The Lord is aligning a number of things at JUST the right time as far as our finances are concerned. My wife just got a DREAM of a part-time job. (Ka-ching $$) My job just assigned me to a large overtime project. (KA-ching $$$) And largest of all in the next few days we’ll be paying off a major loan that will push an extra 5 ‘bills’ ($500) straight to our debt snowball! (KA-CHINGY ching chang $$$$!!) LOL

Now usually our budget meetings have become pretty fluid and pain-free, but last night took it to a whole new level. We were actually GIDDY talking about out finances! We were joking around and giving each other funny lil nicknames. For instance, because I’m the one that actually plots out our budget spreadsheet, and withdraws the cash ect. I made a joke that she should call me the “Comptroller”. And since she’s so great at filing our budgets, papers, and bills as well as keeping track of the decisions we make, as well as the follow-up involved so that we can ACT once we have the money in hand, I said I’m gonna call her the “Administrator” lol. Well to make a long story short we settled on the fact that she’s the “Commissioner”, and I am the “Mayor” lol! (right honey?)

So anyway, as you can see this new turn of events has us STOKED! And we are both certain in the fact that the Lord is blessing our efforts in ways we could only dream of! For the longest time both of us have been ‘worried’ about our Gazelle Intensity, because certain circumstances prevented us from generating any extra income. We ‘wanted’ to get to a point where it could be realistic, but even a recently as last month it just didn’t seem possible.

We knew the loan would be paid off in November and that had us amped enough, but we didn’t know where else we could squeeze out more income. For the time being that no longer appears to be an issue and I truly and openly praise God for making a way. We’re so undeserving of how well He’s protecting and accelerating our efforts! WOW!

Which brings me to my point for today: It’s really true that He will make ways for you, when you start moving His way! (Oooh I LIKE that one, did that really just come from ME?! lol)

Mmm, I think I can stop right there for now, that’ll preach all by itself!

For those of you who are attempting a Total Money Makeover, and really giving it your ALL, THIS is for YOU. It doesn’t start out easy, and it doesn’t always feel easy as you’re going through it, but I can GUARANTEE that it is EASILY worth the effort! (Man I’m just on a roll today with the good quotes! lol)

You will suddenly see things open up in amazing ways as you continue in this process as long as your heart is in it for the right reasons. Not to BE RICH, or to flaunt your newly reclaimed income potential recklessly. No not at all! Chasing those things is what got you here in the first place! Instead, once this process takes ahold of the way you think, feel, and interact with your money, you wont even WANT all of the things your money will now be able to afford you! Yes, when you get to the other side of this thing – when you are finally able to scream “WE”RE DEBT FREE!!!!!!” by all means celebrate and enjoy your accomplishment. But I promise you, you wont be out to blow your extra income on every DVD that Best Buy carries, or every new toy for your car, or every color that Gucci bag comes in. I just don’t think it’s possible to go through this process and hold on to that type of materialistic mentality.

I’m not saying you wont get nice stuff once your debt free. Oh yes you will, but you wont be living your life slaving to acquire those things, because you’ll be in a position to safely afford them while living within your means. And there’s a BIG difference between the two.

“If you live like no one else…one day you will live like no one else!”

Lord, I cant wait for that day. But thank you in the meantime for what you are allowing us to do with each day you give us between now and the day we pay off that last bill! And Lord you know this isn’t just about the money for us. I love you for what you are teaching me as a steward and a husband. I love that what we are learning can be just as easily applied to how we steward our TIME, or set our PRIORITIES, or how we manage all of the other resources you’ve given us. My marriage is stronger for us having gone through this. I am stronger in my trust that you will provide in EVERY circumstance what is needed for me to rely totally on you. If I wasn’t going through this process, I don’t know how else you would have shown me all that you are teaching me. But I’m thankful that you chose to call us to bear witness to this message. Thank you for your ways and your mercy towards me and my family. We do this to honor YOU… because you really do own it all!

Your servant,


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