What Time Is It? GAMETIME!!

6 11 2008

Alright, so let the games BEGIN! Just a few moments ago we made the last payment on another loan. But this wasn’t just any old loan. It was the one that forced us to change our ways and begin our Total Money Makeover.

From this point on we’ll have an extra $500 each month that will go directly towards toppling our debt! That’s $6000 per year! And it’s going to drastically accelerate our efforts! And that’s still not including the extra money coming in from the overtime I’m working and the hours from my wife’s Part-time job! (You gotta love the Gazelle Intensity! lol)

But as wonderful as it feels to close out this account monetarily, it pales in comparison to how it feels to put this behind us emotionally. Alot of tears, fear, anger and frustration came about early in our marriage because of this account in particular. And we are so grateful to emerge on the other side of the situation standing firm! I feel we handled it well, but only because of the resources and people that God directed us to in the midst of a very trying time. Much of what we learned in those first months has served as an invaluable reminder of WHY WE NEED TO BE DEBT FREE AT ALL COSTS!

I’m thankful for all we’ve learned so far and all we’ve been able to accomplish. We’ve paid off over $35,000 in 13 months of doing this program! All while still giving a faithful and consistent Tithe and Offering. And all while continuing to pay our regular amounts towards our monthly bills and living expenses. And while continuing to sow into other friends and family spiritually, as well as financially. Even when gas was at $4/gallon, and while the rest of the country was going through the shell shock of watching lending institutions crumble and stock markets dip and dive more violently than we’ve ever seen. It has not always been easy or fun or exciting… but it’s all been worth the climb.

This has truly been an amazing journey for us so far, and even though we’re incredibly excited with what we’ve done today, it amounts to nearly nothing compared to how we will feel when we pay off that last bill and begin living like no one else… all because we chose to live like no one else early in our marriage.

We thank you for joining us in this journey,


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One response

10 11 2008

Praise GOD!!!! I have been reading your blog for the past week and I have to say that I’m completely amazed. Anthony says “WHAT UP YO”! He’s so funny. Love you guys and THANK YOU!!!

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