The Passion of the Price… (tried to rhyme with Christ)

24 12 2008

Photo courtesy of jennipenny

Ok, so It’s confession time… How much did you spend on Christmas gifts?

For the 2nd straight year, my wife and I have budgeted only $150 TOTAL for Christmas gifts, and for the 2nd straight year we’ve come in under budget! We decided only to buy for immediate family members and a select few friends.

I’ve gotta tell ya, it’s pretty liberating to spend such a small amount and still find quality gifts to give to each person. It really hurts me to watch people in the check out line spend the same $150 on just 2 sweaters from Banana Republic and then complain about how they dont have any money to spend on gifts for others.

This year we focused on giving relevant books as the main gifts. And ironically few things have been more relevant to so many people this year as the state of the economy has been. With that in mind we decided to gift copies of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. We hope it doesnt come off over zealous, but we simply feel that with the amount of success we’ve had doing the plan, it would be grossly neglegent of us not to impart that information to our family and friends!

It’s similar to when you first fall in love (and hopefully stay in love) with Jesus. You just want others to know how it feels to be on the winning side! But honestly, the thing that would have truly made this a wonderful christmas for me, would have been if we could all agree not to exchange gifts at all this year. Not because my wife and I couldnt handle it (oh yeah $150 on gifts just PLUNGED us back into debt haha.) but because some of our friends and family still make a ‘thing’ out of buying gifts even when they cant afford to and then get themselves in financial trouble trying to appease everyone with a gift.

That’s just not us anymore… call us weird but we’ve had it with the whole Giftmas gimic that’s been shoved down our collective throats!

If you didnt get on board with us in keeping the Christmas budget down this year, you’ve got 364 days to get on board for the 2009 Holiday Season… there’s no time like the present.

Merry Christ-mas,


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