@RL Top 12 Posts of 2008…

22 01 2009

Photo courtesy of Pictoscribe

Wow, this blog has come a LONG way in the past few months. And I’ve posted alot of content covering various topics. So I thought it would be fitting to pull out what I feel have been my 12 most important posts from 2008. This was an extremely difficult task because – well, let’s face it I’m a BRILLIANT writer!! But in the process of selecting the best of the best, I think I accidentally re-inspired myself while revisiting all that we’ve seen and learned so far on this journey.

Before we start though, I took the liberty of excluding two very critical posts from the ‘official’ list below.

The first,ironically is the very first post of the blog, “Today was a day for the ages…”. It sets the tone and gives the why and how of where we were when we created this blog. I apologize to you now if you’re about to read it, my writing skills were horrible in those early posts. lol

And the second is “Welcome to the next level…”. This post served as our official coming out party and announcement to the world. It was hard keeping this one out but truthfully it was much more about ‘us’ than about our debt exploits, so it was benched.

So with that part out of the way, If you’re new to the blog, or maybe not so new and just need a refresher on what this blog really has to offer, i give you the best of @Risk Living… so far.

In no particular order:

“A look inside our weekly budget meeting” – Here we give you the very same tools and strategies we use on a weekly basis.

“Our first ‘Non-emergency’ emergency” – A quick example of how our Emergency Fund kept a crazy day from being a bad day.

“The Prey, the Predator, and the unexpected Protector” – Ahh, this is STILL one of my personal favorites. This was my very first Video post. You have to watch it to understand just what the title means. It’s amazing!

“How to remain generous in your giving while getting out of debt” – The Lord really placed this message on my heart once I realized that getting out of debt was becoming Secondary to my overall position as a Steward of God’s assets… ALL of them.

“Five ways to REALLY boost your food budget” – The title says it all, but it says it the way that I would say it… know what I’m saying? lol

“Full Circle: How our TMM began…” – This is about the time I almost gave up on the blog when I heard someone say, “When you feel you’ve reached the end, try going back to the beginning. “

“Tired of rejection, consumers turn to credit card companies for approval” – Gosh – yes, I used the word ‘gosh’ – I love that title, It’s so witty right? This post highlights the surprising link between finances, material possessions, and your self-esteem.

“The $10 blessing: Integrity pays in your business dealings” – This post tells the tale of an honest $10 bill that ended up blessing me and many others.

“Beer and Money… A match made in… (nevermind)” – One of the few Recession/Depression proof products is beer. Read the post to find out why. (PS – Thank you Homer for the photo shoot)

“I’ve seen the Promised Land” coupled with “We shall overcome” talk about the amazing events we have the honor of witnessing and the various ways those events have impacted or inspired me financially, spiritually, and culturally.

“We’re getting pumped!” is all about the joy of finally starting to make SERIOUS progress in our efforts!

And finally, “Overdraft Fees, or ‘When $16.05 costs you $86.05’ Part I” and “Pending transactions, or ‘When $16.05 costs you $86.05’ Part II” – These two posts are by far two of my better pieces of work. I try to give you a little bit of everything here: humor, honesty, transparency, and insight.

Thanks for taking the time to reminisce with me. Now lets move full steam into 2009!


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