Stimulate Me: The Greatest "Story" Ever Told!

12 03 2009

Photo Courtesy of kyle/thebookpolice

Growing up, I used to get in BIG trouble for calling someone a liar. Even if they actually were lying! Instead I was encouraged to say “So and so told a ‘story’.”

This never jived too well with me. A lie is a lie. And there’s a BIG LIE being told to you on a daily basis as far as the economy is concer– um excuse me…


“Only YOU can prevent this nation’s colapse!”

While I was driving home last night listening to talk radio, I heard a politician lay out the steps to strengthening the economy. Basically, he said it was all on YOUR shoulders to fix this. Yes YOU!

“Thank Heaven for the express line, I only have 7 items!”

YOU have to buy brand new American cars, and Flat screen tv’s. Oh and while you’re at it please prop up the restaurant industry by eating out more so that we can get back to being America the Beautiful… Um and since we’re on the subject you would do well to pick up a premium gym membership so that all that eating out doesnt ruin your perfect American figure. Mmmm but come to think of it either way you’re gonna need to buy a whole new wardrobe cause either you’re gonna lose weight from working out, or gain it from eating out… just a thought. – $igned : Capitol Hill, Wall Street, & The Media.

P.S.: You can’t save money and save the country from financial ruin at the same time so dont even try the first one. We’re counting on you to do what’s right for your fellow Americans…

Emancipation from Stimulation…

I’m hearing more and more about people who want to do the right thing for the ‘economy’ so they are foregoing paying down their personal debt, and spending more of their income to ‘help’ troubled industries such as dining, travel and retail.

C’mon guys, please dont compromise your responsibilities to your family by taking on any part of this ‘national burden’ that’s being sold to you on the airwaves. THAT IS NOT YOUR JOB!!

If you DO still have a job, it is to provide for your family and manage your personal situation to the best of your means.

Unless you are an elected official, or an economic adviser by profession, this nation’s economy woes are NOT your responsibility.

The 4 Walls: The frame of your financial house.

In times like this – no scratch that –at all times you have 4 main responsibilities, or what Dave Ramsey calls the 4 Walls: Food, Shelter, Clothing, and Transportation.

When things are tight, keep those 4 things going, and only those 4 things. Not the 401k, not the greens fees at the country club, not the Costco membership, and not the standing order sent to you monthly from Omaha Steaks or the 12 different magazine subscriptions you currently recive.

While the nation is expecting you to take care of it, I’m expecting you to take care of you.

So what’s it gonna be?


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