You Want Me To Do WHAT?!?!

20 04 2009

Photo courtesy of ppc007

In my last post I left you with this thought:

“Live like no one else, so that one day you can LIVE like no one else.”

Please try and get that into your spirit whether you choose to get out of debt with us or not! It’s going to apply to whatever obstacle you need to face in order to reach that goal you fantasize about.

In our case though, that statements speaks to our financial situation in a very powerful way. My wife and I were blessed enough to start getting out of debt in 2007 which was way before the economy went south. The reason I call it a blessing is because it would have been 20 times tougher for us to go through some of the things we’ve faced, if we were just starting at during a time like this. But in no way am I saying it can’t be done. I know of many people who started their jouney to debt freedom when things were at their worst, which to me is all the more commendable and impressive.

But let me get back to my point. “Living like no one else” means letting go of all the credit cards, charge cards, department store cards, gas cards, the loans ect. “Living like no one else” means living only off of the money you earn from your salary. And let me tell ya people, it takes serious guts to do this! This might be the equivalent of a life-long meat eater going Vegan “cold turkey” as they say. Or I guess more fittingly “cold to-furkey” lol.

But for me a far better and meaningful example is the commitment, determination and surrender a person undergoes when they give their life to Jesus Christ. This process can be nearly as liberating and transforming for your finances. “Living like no one else” means doing what others are afraid to do because it might cost them something trivial on the front end!

Let me make one thing clear real quick. Just because I’m not spending all of my money on watches and flat-screens NOW, doesnt mean it’s ALWAYS going to be this way for me. In fact I have just over a year left to go before I can get back to truly ENJOYING my money again, and yes even BLOWING some money on material things. But that will be just fine because at that point I’ll be able to AFFORD IT!! I made a decision to SACRIFICE for just 2-3 years of my life so that I wont have to sacrifice for the REST OF MY LIFE!

Unfortunately, too many people have been sold the idea that they simply cannont exist without credit. It’s become unrealistic to many because all of their ‘dreams’ reside far outside of means!

“C’mon, who really pays CASH for a car nowadays? That’s just not realistic! I’ll never have a nice ride, if I go that route!”

“Can you even get a house without having a MORTGAGE, is that even possible?”

“And just forget about paying for your children’s college education unless you refinance that mortgage! Raising enough cash to pay for it outright?!? Is that even possible?”

“Is that even possible?!” This might be the second most popular question I’m asked when it comes to our debt journey. And at least for us, I’d have to say “Yes, it’s very possible.”

“Living like no one else” requires a paradigm shift, or rather a change in your thinking. But take heart, you dont have to undergo that shift overnight! This is where the “Baby Steps” come in…

In the next episode: “These “Baby Steps” ain’t for BABIES!”

Stay Tuned…


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