Why you haven’t heard from me lately…

23 07 2009

Photo courtesy of *Tiny Dancer*

It’s been awful quiet around here lately right? Well I cant say that it’s been by design, but I can certainly see that it’s been for the better. And for those of you who REALLY stick by @Risk Living, we haven’t really been gone at all…

Twitter and Facebook have had a serious impact on how frequently I delve deeper into a personal finance topic. See most of my posts start off as a simple thought or observation. Sometimes, only after I ponder on a thought for a while do I even recognize there might be a post inside my thinking. But with Twitter and Facebook, once I’ve put that thought or quote out in the open I rarely come back here and unpack that thought the way I used to.

As a blogger I’m learning that there are advantages and disadvantages to tweeting and being ‘live’ on FB. The advantage is that you get rapid-fire real-time insights into what I see, think, and feel. However, the disadvantage is that once you get accustomed to ‘micro-blogging’ your way through a day it feels strangely slow and cumbersome to sit down and put together a complete post. One is a hand-grenade: portable, serviceable, and leaves a relatively small mark, while the other is a H-bomb: heavy, broad, and not nearly appropriate for every occasion lol.

As a side-note, I’ve noticed some pretty impressive spikes of traffic to the site since I’ve spent more time tweeting and FB’ing. Currently on Twitter I have 1500+ people following the @Risk Living blog! NEVER did I think I would be reaching such a wide audience with the blog and it’s focus: Getting OUT of Debt!

Now! Having said all of that, @Risk Living isnt going anywhere, in fact I have HUGE plans for where I’d like to see this site go next. You’ll be hearing more on that soon.

Thanks for sticking with us, I hope and pray we are of some help to you!


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