A Call To Arms Pt 1: What Happened

6 09 2009


9/6/09 5:39am I just woke up from a vision. I didn’t know it was one until I woke up and started trying to understand what I’d just seen. I have to capture the details quickly so nothing lapses from my memory. No time to edit, just write Adrian.

Table. I’m at a table at a friends house. Feels like after-dinner discussion among my wife, 3 other friends and me. (it strangely mirrors some events that actually happened the night before, but with some distinct differences that at first I thought were random but now understand the meaning of.)

As the friends are all talking I suddenly lean forward, put my elbows on the table and cover my ears. I then begin to sing a song. It’s a song I love to sing, mostly because the true meaning of the words gets lost on those who sing it. But back to this vision, as I’m starting to sing, first I start nervously; wanting to be heard, but not critiqued. By the time I start the second verse, I’m no longer concerned with how the song is received by those hearing, I become comfortable, then emboldened by what the words mean to me!

Immediately as I finish the last words of the song and brace for a reaction from the others at the table, I see a massive explosion. It appears to be in black and white, and the explosion is not on land, not in the sky, but also not in outer space. Proceeding out of the explosion is one word loud, clear, and audible: WARFARE

I start up out of my sleep, look around unsettled, and then sit on the edge of my bed to collect my thoughts. (and my breath) After a moment I start crying. Tears are coming out of my eyes, and at first I’m almost confused, but then I recognize it. These are tears from being Filled! As I realize this, the meanings of the things I’ve just seen start falling into place. I get up, check the time in the bathroom and its 5:35am. I walk to the living room, pray for a moment, then turn on the laptop and start writing this. It is now 6:09…

*To be continued

Because there is SO much to sift through, I wanted to break this into smaller sections for you to read without feeling forced to read it all at once. Please know that I did write this all out in one sitting immediately after the events took place.

Please read part 2 & 3 here and here.

Photo courtesy of Throcket Luther



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