A Call To Arms Pt 2: What it means to me

6 09 2009


*This is the second part of a 3 part message. If you have not already, please read this FIRST!

9/6/09 6:52am It was easy recounting the facts, the hard part is unpacking all of the meaning without this post turning into a novel.

In short, this vision was about our fear of using our God-given Spiritual Gifts. ALL OF THEM not just the ones we favor!

The day before this vision I was at a table much like the setting described in the vision. And once again I was trying to hide one of my most beloved spiritual gifts; my ability to minister in song.

A friend at the table had just finished asking my wife if she knew how to sing. She was looking for 2 people to help her with the praise team at our church. I knew exactly where this conversation was going from there. My wife says, “I can carry a tune, but my husband – he can sing to your Soul!”

All week, no, all month I’ve been waiting on a word from God. Since I’ve lost my job I’ve felt directionless in where to put my efforts and how to keep moving emotionally while feeling at a standstill professionally. I’ve never prayed so many agonizing prayers. Should I fight? Should I run? Would it be ‘faithful’ of me to expect God to drop the next job in my lap the way he did the last one?

All of the questioning and emotional drain had me snared. Although I was still believing in God to do something amazing with my situation, I was losing my will to fight.

Let me quickly interpret the symbols of the vision and explain what they mean.

The Table: A stage, a platform God has always wanted me to use for His glory, but I was always too afraid to truly go after it in this particular way. He has given me use of platforms in many different ways and has promised me larger stages are coming, through my testimony, through this blog, and reluctantly for me through my singing.

The Friends around the table: These are people close to me who have always been within reach, but whom I’ve chosen to suppress my Gift from. I’m being held accountable for the people from whom I’ve robbed the opportunity to be Witnesses of God’s power.

Covering of the Ears: The Holy Spirit was trying to block out every distraction that I had set up for myself including my ability to hear my own performance. Simply put, the removal of Self is the ONLY way to prosper in your Gift.

The explosion: This was no ordinary explosion. First, It was colorless, or more specifically in black and white; I still don’t know what this means. Second, It took place in a space, but not outer space. It was almost suspended as though in a vacuum. The message of this is simple, the Gift inside of me is BURSTING to get out, and it will not be contained!

WARFARE: The voice of GOD. Unmistakable, unforgettable, indescribable. This one word given is enough for me to write another 1000 words on! My singing voice is to be my most powerful weapon. A WAR CRY! It’s what I must use to fight more than any other tool if I am to make it through this most trying period in my life. And I must use it as a declaration, as a vehicle, as a language. I am to use it in a decisive way to combat my fears, encourage myself, ward off and wound the enemy and continue to praise. I have to sing my way out of this period the same way Naaman had to dip 7 times in the Jordan to get rid of his leprosy. For all I know, this may be the very reason I lost my job…

*To be continued

Because there is SO much to sift through, I wanted to break this into smaller sections for you to read without feeling forced to read it all at once. Please know that I did write this all out in one sitting immediately after the events took place.

Please read part 3 here.

Photo courtesy of Alifaan



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