How God Speaks

20 09 2009


” What some call coincidence, I call confirmation.” – Adrian Wright

Whhhasshh! I’d never felt that before. It felt like the wind had been knocked clean out of me! I’d been running around trying to figure out how it would work out and had absolutely no answers.

Let’s back up a bit. Beginning today my wife and I are kicking off a preview session for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. It’s a biblically based VIDEO series that teaches you how to manage your finances, get out of debt, and all of that good stuff. (You’ll see in a moment why I put the word video in all caps.) We have everything we need for the preview so that was not our issue of concern. What we did not have is the VIDEOS for the actual classes beginning next sunday! Obviously, that was not a good thing.

We tried to contact the ministry leader who had the dvds in his possession… only to find out that he was OUT OF THE COUNTRY ON VACATION! And he was not slated to return until just days before our first session. Yikes!

Well yesterday as we were heading toward our car at church, we literally ran into a graduate of the Financial Peace class we held last year. She was just arriving to church for an event that evening, and we were just leaving because my wife had to get to another event herself. It was great to see her because she was one of the students from the class that really ‘got it’ as far as the program went and she has an awesome testimony of the many ways the class helped her household.

So, as we were speaking, she mentioned that she had contacted the ministry leader for the ‘tapes’ before he left the country and that she had them with her! (Coincidence? Maybe, but read further to be sure.)

Now, when I first heard her mention that she had the ‘tapes’ I didn’t think much of it. I assumed she was speaking about the set of 13 cd’s that come in every FPU kit.

And then it hit me… Whhhasshh! It was the answer to prayer I had been looking for! In no time flat I was doubled over in tears. “He REALLY wants us to do this!” That was the first thing that crossed my mind.Why else would He have us meet this way, and have this conversation, at this exact time?!

And now for the proof that this was not all just some coincidence: For the past 2-3 weeks my wife has had a rough time sleeping at night. She has consistently been awakened in the middle of the night after having dreams about all the things we needed to get this class off the ground.

During one of her very first dreams, the Lord had shown her the face of someone we needed to contact for assistance… and it was the face of the very woman we ran into!

In all of this I’ve learned that sometime God doesn’t use His voice to speak to us. Sometimes He speaks through our mouths, our actions, and our obedience.

Live Invincibly,


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2 responses

21 09 2009

Hello Adrian,

God is so awesome! If He can use an ass to speak to Balaam, it’s no telling how or what He will use to speak to us. Notice that he used dreams through Kenay as well. I agree — that was no coincidence, but a setup by our mighty God! May God continue to bless you!

20 10 2009

Given the coincidence quote, I’ll share my story.
The car ride to my daughter’s school reaches an intersection where you either wait for traffic to stop so you can drive across, or hope someone crosses with the guard’s help will have traffic already stopped. Either way, you either stop for cars backed up or people crossing.
One week, my daughter was going on about there being no God. We were on the road to school, and I told her I would call on Him to show Himself this once. I said we’d drive through that intersection, the guard standing there as though he was waiting just for us, no people waiting, no need to brake at all. Since after 6 years of this ride that has never happened, this would be most unusual.
She looked at me like I had two heads, and said ‘fine’. Needless to say, I drove right to that corner and there was the guard waving us through.

No flies on her, she looks at me and says “I can’t believe you did that, you could have bought a lottery ticket and asked God to make you win.” Uh, no, it doesn’t work that way, He did this as a sign for you, in a way appropriate for both of us. A way that others don’t need to believe even means anything, just a random event. Only you and I know how this never happened before and doesn’t need to happen again.

Remarkable or not, this is true.

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