Finish FIRST So You Don’t Come In Last!

17 12 2009

The end….

I love movies that start at the end and then spend the rest of the movie showing how they got there. Movies like The Prestige, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Forrest Gump all start off this way. And quite a few good books that do the same.

Well, in this regard life can be an open book as well.

Where do you see yourself finishing, and what steps are you putting in place to get there?

As with the examples of those movies that show you the end first and then spend the rest of the movie bringing you up to that point, I try to envision the end game to whatever I START to do in the very same way. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t but it’s infinately better than flying blind and jumping without a parachute.

It’s painfully simple in most instances. If you want to know where a story is going, jump to the end. You want the summary to a Self-help book check the last chapter. That closing chapter should mention all of the primary concepts that the author spent the previous x amount of pages detailing.

Dave Ramsey says “Children do what feels good, but adults devise a plan and stick with it.”  While I agree with that statement, sometimes I still feel like an overgrown Toys-R-Us kid lol. Planning from the end helps me to combat that. It shows me possible obstacles that I may need to consider and helps me plan accordingly.

Unfortunately I’m not sure how to close this post since I took my own advice and started the beginning with the end. Told you it doesn’t work every time 🙂

Finish FIRST,





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18 12 2009
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