Me: Just Like You… But Worser

7 01 2010

We’ve all got at least ONE thing about ourselves that we are extremely critical of, right?

So, what exactly is it about me that makes me feel like I just can’t seem to get it all the way together and keep it there?!?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m aware that there are some really great things about me, or so I’ve been told. But there are also some very flawed borderline loathsome things about me too! And those loathsome things keep getting in the way of me developing or even discovering more great things about myself.

Like my dangerous preoccupation with procrastination. I have serious issues with managing my self-dicipline and those issues start leaking into every other aspect of my life from time to time.

I’m working on it, and making progress at times, but my goodness how many times does it take to learn just ONE thing?

For example: I’ve set up a work schedule for myself so that I push out a minimum of 3 posts each week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

It hasn’t happened yet lol. If you look at the date stamp for this post It’s Thursday.

I swear one day I’ll get around to this time management thing… one day.

So, what’s your “thing”? And what do you do to combat it?

Live Invincibly,





3 responses

8 01 2010

@W I can relate..I can relate! I just ran across a short interview discussing this very same thing. I posted it on my blog. But basically it talks about being willing to submit to the process, versus thinking that these things we are trying to change about ourselves, can truly happen overnight.

Cheers to submitting to the process of change and maturity. We’ll get to the 3 post per week cuzzo!! 😉 All the best in 2010!

5 02 2010

I suggest reading the books “Drive” and “Predictably Irrational”. You might also want to look into something called The Pomodoro Technique.

22 03 2010

I think my issue is I think I can do more in an hour than is humanly possible. This causes me to procrastinate. Give yourself a cushion, a little extra time. This has helped me to conquer procrastination somewhat. It still creeps up, but sometimes you just have to write even if you think it’s going to be stupid. That combats the procrastination every time. 🙂

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