3 Things You & I Can Learn From The 2010 Lakers

27 04 2010


First, let me say this: I’m a life-long Lakers fan. It was my father’s favorite team in the 80’s when Magic, Worthy, and Kareem were running the Showtime fast break.

Yup, life-long… er… w-well with the exception of the

Chicago Bulls dynasty runs but I digress.

The Los Angeles Lakers of this past NBA season

have been a complete enigma to their fans.

It’s been filled with moments of nirvana…

…with echoes of … umm twisted genius…

…(Or could that be omens of impending implosion?)…


But even with their occasional inconsistency binges, there are at least 3 valuable things we can all learn from their recent season and current playoffs run to defend their title. So let’s tip-off shall we?

#1 Success is a moving target

Ask Jordan, ask Ali, ask Tom Brady.  Ask any former champion just how hard it is to get BACK on top after you’ve already been there. The Lakers are still the defending champions after winning the title last June, but what can their struggles this year teach us?

Well, for starters Success is a moving target. When I get out of debt, in order to maintain my debt freedom, I will have to continue doing what got me out of debt! The fact is I’ll NEVER be at a place where I can just say “Ah, I’ve made it, I can STOP now!” And this applies not just to money but any area in which you hope to maintain any real level of success.

#2 The larger the letdown , the less likely the loyalty

All Lakers fans are bandwagoners, ALL OF THEM, except maybe Jack Nicholson… and possibly Lakers Owner Jerry Buss. Even I have had my moments. (See second paragraph of this post.) After the last 2 losses in the first round of this year’s playoffs, even die-hard “fans” have begun to question if the Lakers can ascend the heights of hoopdom again this year. Suddenly, Naysayers abound!

The point here is that being a true fan is supposed to be an act of Loyalty. Not just the type of Hollywood “fan” that shows up court side on Christmas day, or shows up on camera just as the announcers happen to be talking about their next blockbuster, or the ones who can remember when Kobe dropped 81 points. The kind of loyalty I’m talking about is akin to the type of fan that remembers the Nick Van Exel, Eddie Jones, and Cedric Ceballos led Lakers of the late 90’s that preceded the 3-peat Shaq & Kobe special… and still LOVED them because they were Lakers.

Make sure you’re showing THAT kind of loyalty to the things that matter. You can do this by tithing, giving to charities, and paying yourself first by saving for emergencies and putting something away for retirement. Love YOURSELF!

#3 Never put all of your eggs in one hoop bucket basket

I’m talking to you, Kobe. I know ALL about your greatness in playoffs past, and I’m looking forward to your continued assault on the All-time scoring leader list next season.  But for right now, beginning with Game 5 of your 1st round series against the Oklahoma City Thunder, I DON’T need to see you chucking up every flailing desperation shot attempt on every possession down the court. If ever this quote applied, it surely applies to your valiant effort so far this post season:

“We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are still looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde

Your ambition in spite of the doubts and injuries is simply awe-inspiring, but at the same time, MY GOSH MAN it’s also terror inducing!

The lesson I’m learning here is to make sure you spread the wealth.

If you let all of you hopes ride on just one pony, what happens when that pony pulls a hamstring? Conversely, Just because you’re the leader doesn’t mean that your other teammates aren’t expected to perform their roles, so allow them to do their jobs too!

The same applies to your money. You never want to spend it all in one place. You have categories that each need to be addressed: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Transportation. I can’t just go out and spend my entire paycheck on Clothing and Gas. (Unless I plan to sleep in my car and drink petrol since I’m neglecting my need for Shelter and Food!) Got it? Good, now spread it around.

Well I hope this has been insightful for you whether you follow the NBA or not! These types of life lessons can be gleaned from just about any other activity in the exact same way.

Live Invincibly,


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I’m Not An Expert, I Just Play One On This Blog

26 04 2010

First, allow me to welcome myself back to my own blog! I’ve been away for a while (nearly 4 months, don’t rub it in!) but I’m making an effort to get back to a regular schedule of posting once again.

I really want to thank you as my readers for the support and encouragement you’ve given me as I meet some of you face to face! It really keeps me going when I know that my journey is being of some help to you.

Today I feel the need to talk about the value of your voice. Many people feel that there just is not much worth in what they have to say. They may feel that few people listen to them. But I really need to impress on you that this is simply not true.

Someone is always listening and watching your words and actions. You are always in a position to influence someones thoughts and/or actions with your own.

Before I started this blog, I too thought that no one cared much for what I had to say. No one that is, except for myself. I have since learned that is the most important place to start!

Now, on a daily basis I get calls and emails from people asking for financial advice. They don’t request this advice from me because I’m a PhD or any other type of expert in matters related to money. Instead, they seek my advice because it has proven track-record of results. My expertise comes from the fact that when good advice was sent my way, I took it!

People always use the phrase “It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to know that…” when something is painfully simple to figure out. And for me it was painfully obvious that we were doing the wrong things with our money, fully expecting things to turn out right.

This blog is my way of sharing the insights we’ve learned without you having to go thru some of the hardships we endured to learn them. I hope it is of some benefit to you!

Live Invincibly,


You’re Fired…

5 08 2009


Photo courtesy of Rob, Rich Tim and Paul gone pro at last!

First, welcome to my new blog! Many of you know me from my previous blog @Risk Living, but here I intend to mark the start of a new chapter in life. The last blog was all about us getting out of debt, and while that is a major part of my life and my purpose there’s much more to explore. In order to live invincibly you need way more than a bunch of zeros in the debt column of your budget! With that in mind this blog will focus on a number of areas: Self-Improvement, Personal Finance, Work/Life Balance, Health/Wellness and Spiritual Insights among other things.

Now, let’s get in to the title of this first post… Ironically, as I’m typing this it is setting in on me that the day I started my previous blog, it was one of the most amazing days of my life! It was the day I was promoted for the third time in less than a year-and-a-half and also the day I reached my career goal of becoming a manager. You can read about it here.

Today though, is still amazing but in a slightly different way. See, today I was fired from my job. Yes, the same job I was so amazed with in that first post. But to tell you the truth, it is in part a relief, in part a shock, and more than anything confirmation that bigger and better things are around the corner for me.

There are many things I could say about how things went down, but in doing so the point would be lost. I started this new blog because change happens. And somewhere along the way over on my other blog I noticed a change in myself. The difference is as simple as the titles of both blogs… @Risk Living vs. Invincible Living.

My philosophy is that we were never destined to STAY at risk. The ultimate goal for my wife and I is to become invincible! To be at risk is a temporary thing, but to become invincible, ah well at that point NOTHING can phase you!

And that is what I find so ironic about what I experienced today. So many things could have phased me but they didn’t. I could have been upset at the fact that I cycled 30 miles to work today to essentially be sent packing but instead I treated the ride back home as a victory lap. I could have been upset about the seemingly impeccable timing of this dismissal (in just over a month my wife and I will be teaching Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University for 13 weeks) but instead I’m choosing to think that it adds to my authenticity as a teacher much in the same way as rappers think an arrest lends them street cred lol. Or most of all, I could be mad at the fact that the very day I announce Invincible Living I suddenly find myself MORE AT RISK THAN EVER! I just don’t think it gets more ironic than THAT! lol

But I’m not mad or upset at any of those things. I’m taking this opportunity to at least try to practice what I preach. And in the end that’s all I really want this blog to be about in the first place. I invite you to join me as I try to put it all together and…

Live Invincibly,